Is Australia tired of Tony Abbott’s Tantrums?

Either Tony Abbott is a complete idiot surrounded by yes men, or he is a small man, with big ambitions with the worst advisers on earth.  This is a man who behaves, always, like my 3 year old.  Whatever Julia says, he screams no.  Regardless of its merits, sense, or practical benefits to Australia.  In the three years since Australians felt robbed when Julia took charge, he has had ample opportunities to prove that he is a wise man in waiting, with a better plan in place.  Instead he has never once said ‘Julia’s plan is a bad idea and here is our better one’.  He just keeps stamping his feet and screaming no.  Just like a toddler, sometimes it is frustrating, sometimes it is funny, and other times you just have to walk away.  It looks like Australians are finally tiring of Tony and walking away.

Any man who is a climate denier in this time and place, is a pitiable sight.  There’s just too much science and literal water under (and over) the bridge in Queensland alone.  Climate change is common sense.  Of COURSE we are impacting on our environment.  Anyone who lives in nature knows that the smallest thing changes the fabric of the whole, and we are digging the heart our of the land, burning it, pumping its oil out and filling our cars with it.  Look at the amount of cars in gridlock on Sydney streets and breathe the air around them and tell me that doesn’t affect the fragile environment of planet earth we are lucky enough to call home?  Look at all the plastic products in the shops, the plastic bags in the seas, the endless bottles and imagine the energy and chemicals involved in their production.  We are a throw away, relentless consumerism culture and we have to change SOMETHING.  We have to start to bring Australians’ consciousness to their impact on the environment.  The Carbon Tax is very far from perfect but it is a small step, on a long road, to corporate and personal responsibility for pollution.

What DOES Tony Abbott believe in, apart from a Church which refuses to punish paedophiles, budgie smugglers, letting Gina and Clive own and run the country and refusing homosexuals the right to marry?  What is his big bold plan for Australia exactly?  Does he have one?  Is he ever going to tell us, or is he so confident of his divine right of rule that thinks we will vote for him regardless?  He’s like my toddler when we are at odds when my husband is away, thinking all will be well when Daddy gets home . . .

If Tony ever once came out with a considered, well crafted, intelligent response to what the government of the day is doing, one would consider him as a viable leader for this great country of ours.  I’ve never voted Labour in my life but hell will freeze over before I vote for this little man with the big head and the lack of constructive ideas.  I’m no fan of wooden Julia but she gains more of my respect every day.  It seems that she is an intelligent woman with self control, strength and sure footedness. What she did to Kevin was wrong, plain and simple, but as Melinda Schneider sings ‘sometimes it takes balls to be a woman’!

For Tony to say that 4 years of electricity price hikes are the result of the carbon tax just shows his complete vacuity, inability to think past the knee jerk response, do his research or know his country, States, and ordinary Australians.  He needs to do some thinking before he opens his mouth and puts his foot in it.

Like George W Bush before him he is a joke.  Sometimes the electorate plays cruel jokes on intelligent voters but I will eat any one of my hats if Tony gets in at the next election despite his arrogant assurance.

Tony Abbott can no more repeal the Carbon Tax if he gets in than he would be able to repeal the Mining Tax or make any other big policy changes he is so grandiose about.  Any fool can see that the instigation of such major policy costs millions in public servants and paperwork and to reverse it would cost more.  Australians don’t WANT their money wasted on the whims and fancies of a wistful child.

And as Australians realise that the sky hasn’t fallen and won’t, his Chicken Licken predictions mean he will have to work harder to prove that he does understand the big issues and electorate.  He has put all his eggs into the anti Carbon Tax basket and like a fool, counted his chickens before they have hatched.  He is going to have to cook up some clever plans and craft some careful and considered policies in order to woo the electorate back.  Does he have the wit to heed us . . . only time will tell.

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  1. FRank says:

    I’m tired of media sensationalising ways. He might has well gotten into a brawl and knocked up a bar full of people I wouldn’t bat an eye lid. Meanwhile the media is hoping this takes the attention away from boat people. Wow. So here’s hoping we concentrate on stupid things 30 years ago and forget about the important issues? that’s the spirit, let’s all now try and find what color his jocks are and if he ever ate his snot as a child, hmmm yes that’s far more important than those boat people. Far out. I’m tired of the media, anyone feel the same? Not just the media though, it’s everywhere. What about all the attacks on the Prime minister for being a witch. Pretty obvious she’s hated for being a woman not just for all the other things you may hate a Prime minister for. Well I’ll be turning it in soon so thank fully I won’t need to listen to any more hogwash. Tired.

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