Cleaning up the Bachelor Pad

The deluge has continued and so there is nothing to report. Ged says ‘didn’t you do anything silly last week at all?’ Not that I can remember . . . .

We have had good soaking rain, and so all the creeks are running well into the river, and the river height has fluctuated by inches but it’s never gone all the way over the bridge. I have been coming in and out the long way round (THREE gates to open and close, plus all the puddle jumping!), but Ged has been parking on the other side and winging his way across in the Flying Fox.

We started clearing up his place at the weekend. Filled the back of the Pajero with bags and bulk for the Charity Shop and started cleaning and burning and scrapping. It reminded me of cleaning up polo yards! We had a big fire and pulled about a thousand weeds and then I started planting and re-seeding (my grass in the Angle Creek paddock is looking very lush after all this rain). We just got the paperwork through from one of the Environment Agencies as we have been looking at logging Ged’s heavily wooded 400 acres before we sell it. So we’ll see what happens with that. In the meantime, the pre-sale clean up continues . . . .

We have been costing a factory made cedar cabin for an office or a hand-built one and finally have decided to build our own which means we get exactly what we want for less money, but more work. So we are placing the orders for all the frames, trusses, cedar cladding, doors and windows this week and are determined to get it up and operational by Christmas (please God!) I’m going to have a big painting weekend this weekend since the sun will be shining again . . . (yet again the solar has held up amazingly through the dark, dull, drizzly days of the last two weeks – amazing!)

Now that the sun has made a welcome return, so has George so you can expect more interesting tales next week! He split open his tyre on a stupid concrete drain on the steep bit coming up from Angle Creek this morning so he wasn’t in the best of moods when I drove him round to the other side to collect his tractor!

The Jacarandas and Illawarra Flame Trees are ablaze, and driving anywhere on the roads has become an entertaining exercise of calf dodging so spring is really here!


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