Are we there yet?

Lordy, I’m so far behind . . . better buckle down and try and piece together the past for you!  Get ready for a marathon!

I feel as if we’re never going to get there.  I am weak as a kitten, prostrate over porcelain and tired beyond my worst nightmares and Ged, too, is over it.  Talking of marathons, it feels like we are in the last 3 or four miles when you’ve already hit the ‘wall’ – everything hurts and it seems too far, too much, and an impossible reach to the finish line.  Every fibre of your being is screaming ‘give up, give up, give up’ and it is only the exhortations of the strangers on the sidelines that keeps you putting one foot in front of the other . . . .
There’s so much still to do and that determined, ambitious, can do, will do, nothing gets in my way, never say can’t female that we all know so well, seems to have deserted me.  She has gone AWOL and left behind, in her place, this weak willed and muscled, floppy, drooping over furniture female who is a complete stranger to me and let me tell you gets precisely nothing done!!
It was good to get away to Sydney and have a dress fitting (thank God, Adam cut the dress big is all I can say – when that feisty female left she took my waistline with her!) and have my haircut by Ilia and begin to get some sense of how this hair will be for the big day.  I also found a jewellery valuer who could do an on-the-spot evaluation of my engagement ring which was very gratifying – it’s already worth substantially more than we paid for it – so it’s doing much better than my first foray into the share market!!
Let’s hope that great Amazon warrior woman we know and love comes back soon . . . !

Mr Goanna who keeps eyeing up my chickens and their eggs!
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