Gary Howard is my Hero!

The boys are back in town!

Gary is braving the constant rain, the raging torrents of the river, and the complete lack of entertainment, lush young ladies or drinking buddies to instal himself on a weekly basis at the farm and demonstrate just how much is possible if you have the skill, know-how, time and dedication to get it done.  We have a new cedar window in the bathroom which opens it right up and lets in the light at last.  We have tiles around the bath and in the shower so inside ablutions are becoming an imminent reality.  What I was thinking when I bought the bath, though, I simply don’t know!  My justification is that I must have psychically, secretly, known that children were coming because it is no size for a grown up, so we have decided that we will keep the garden bath for us both to wallow in, either singly or together, because once you’ve tasted bathing under the jacaranda, watching the river meandering past, it’s hard to let it go . . .
We have Tallowood steps front and back – which is a miracle.  I am enjoying going up and down them – gliding into and out of the house, rather than leaping from sill to soil as we have been for the last 8 months!
In fact, all of a sudden it looks like we might have a home in time for the wedding.  Thank you God, thank you, Gary!
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