A kitchen at last!

Well, it’s all go here!

From fear of never finishing and frustration at the slow progress and lack of productivity of yours truly, we have hope, renewed confidence, and a light at the end of the tunnel.
Gary was very brave and got stuck into the flat pack IKEA kitchen which Maria so kindly donated as our wedding present.  There were a few wrong turns as he ‘read’ the pictorial instructions, which, in black and white, are pretty hard to follow! and there were a few scary moments when we thought it wasn’t all going to fit.  But fit it did and now, at last I have a kitchen.  OK, right now I don’t have a BENCHTOP, so I can’t actually USE it, but I have a kitchen!
All the skirtings have been cut to size and await the attentions of the painter (me!), and the new door frames around the cupboards in the bedrooms have also been installed and ditto.  Progress, my friends is being made!
Everyone convenes in my bedroom in the morning as I sip my hot juice and delicately pick my way through my toast and I dole out the day’s instructions just like the Queen of Sheba.  Then the boys all get to work and I warily get up and then spend the next hour or so alternating the venues for my morning retchings.  Everyone just ignores me wherever I might be!  Situation normal in the Love household!
Just a reminder of the kitchen I have been living with for the last 6 months or so . . . .

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