It’s a BOY!

Time is winging its way forward and the bump is growing daily.  We had our final ultrasound and apparently IT’S A BOY!!

The baby was obviously determined that there be no more confusion about his sexual identity – He had both his feet and hands in front of his face (yoga baby?) so there was an uninterrupted view of his genitalia.  I made her go back and check three times and each time she said ‘that’s a scrotum, there’s the penis’.  I have been in shock ever since!
I wandered around Port Macquarie in a daze all day muttering ‘this changes EVERYTHING’.  Ged was sympathetic, knowing I had my heart set on little Harmony.  But finally the boy in him broke through the sensitive, caring, husband – ‘he’s well built, anyway’ – TYPICAL!!
Ged is happy too because he knows that he is now more likely to get his two.  I am still going to want my precious little angel girl so whereas, before, I was happy to stop at one, now I will pull out all the stops to land my Harmony . . . more acupuncture methinks!
(oh my god, you mean I have to go through this again??!!)  Being pregnant is quite the most bizarre experience.  I’m sure it’s not natural!  First the overwhelming tiredness, then the nausea, then the constant stretching pain as the previously taught muscles of your abdomen are lengthened and loosened, the endless weeing on the hour, every hour all night, the heartburn, the hunger, the water retention, the emotional rollercoaster . . . Someone tell me, please, why do your bum and legs have to get bigger too?
There seems to have been an extraordinary level of interest in the burgeoning size of my bust as people who pitied my petite appendages imagined that Ged and I must be revelling in my new found frontal regalia.  Actually, I have always loved my little fried eggs no matter what anyone else said or thought, and luckily so has Ged.  I got another huge shock when I finally went to be fitted for a new bra – from 32A to 12C in less than ten minutes and $100 – that’s a pretty cheap boob job!!
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