Ged the Builder

Gary arrived on Monday but unfortunately doubled over with some sort of bug so after I’d cleaned the caravan for him, we just put him to bed in the hope that work proper on the office might start in the morning.  I dosed him up with homeopathics and they seem to have done the trick as he and Ged have been out there digging out the holes, mixing cement and embedding the piers in the hill.  Ged mixed and barrowed 82 loads of cement downhill from mixer to hole – Gary did two!!  And I got to see my husband the builder in all his glory – lordy those boys can eat!

Luckily the good weather has remained with us although the nights are getting really cold now and the fire is burning day and night to keep the house warm.  It feels so good to finally have progress being made on the office.  The little nesting mother is getting quite antsy about getting the office all finished and the clutter out of the house so she can prepare a sacred space for the baby . . .
We drove down to Sydney on Friday to stay with Shirley and Marcel.  We went out for great Indian food near them which was lovely and good to catch up.  They are full of excitement about their impending six week sojourn in Italy so it was good of them to have the love tribe invade for a night.  We were all up and gone early on Saturday morning, they to work and us to brave the hordes at IKEA (which seems to be mecca for mums to be, judging by the bumps traversing the aisles!)  We got the last little bits for the kitchen, a gorgeous mosquito/fly net for the baby which has given me the ‘theme’ for his room, and various other bits and pieces for the house.  And then it was off car hunting for Ged.  He has decided to change his car completely.  When he bought his ‘ute’ it was for him alone as he was still working for his brother’s firm and thus had a work truck.  And even though we fitted the ute out with metal boxes for all his tools they cannot weather the dirt roads.  Since we also need a nice family car with rear doors for easy access to bub, Ged can swap his car for a pure work wagon that really suits his business.  He has done heaps of research and has come up with a plan!  So we were scoping out the possibilities in Sydney.  Then we were late for our hair appointment in Newport (sorry, Ilia!) but it was bliss for both of us to be rid of the weight on our heads and to catch up with Ilia and Rosa.  A quick walk on the beach with Phee – it is so long since I went to the beach at Newport, I remember how much I loved my daily walks and runs there – I do miss the beach no matter how blessed I am with river and nature, there is something so primal and elemental about the ever-changing vista of the waves and their roaring and shushing on the sand.
Next stop was Ilia and Rosa’s new home that they are building to pick up a wood burning stove they have donated to us out of the old house they demolished.  It was great to walk through the frame and see the scope of the new house – huge!  Nice big block and building proceeding to schedule so hopefully they will be in by Christmas.  And then we were off again – this time to the Central Coast for a quick shower and change at our Motel and then dinner with Steve, Cherie, Aaron, Leisa and Gary – our first catch up with them since the wedding.  We went to some appalling pizza place but had a good time nonetheless – next time Ged and I will choose the venue!!  Sunday we bought jocks and socks for the lady who keeps outgrowing her clothes (me!) and then spent the day with them all and the kids which was nice.  Finally home just before the witching hour and my god it was good to breathe the crisp, fresh, peaceful air of home, looking up at the star-filled sky and revelling in the space surrounding us.  How anyone lives in cities is beyond us!!

That’s the nicest thing about going away – it’s so, so good to be home again!

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