Handyman husbands and tall buildings

Scottie has been here this week and we almost have an office!

I had a small cow last week when I realised just how high the piers were and had to explain to my husband that that was not how it was meant to be!  I was then given a lecture on the ergonomics, aerodynamics and engineering of buildings on hills (I tell you what – it’s a good thing we both have a sense of humour!!) but then when I finally walked out onto the floor of the office I decided it  was perfect after all (well, it could be a LITTLE bit closer to the ground, but don’t tell my husband I said so!!)
It looks great, and it’s a really good space so all is very good.  Next week work stops as we have no willing workers on site and Ged has to get back to work and service his screaming clients, but then we are hoping to have both Scottie and Gary back the following week so they can get stuck in and bring about some miracles so the pregnant lady stops fretting about the tick tock countdown to the birth . . . (10 weeks to go!)
Talking of cows, we are STILL waiting for Paddy to bring forth . . . at this rate, we’ll both be doing it together . . . .

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