Belly belly

It looks like the race is on between the two mad cows at Avalon . . . . Paddy is really ‘bagging up’ now and her udders are bigger than mine (close, but no cigar!).  It’s a close thing who waddles more and who eats more . . . we both have our noses in the trough 24/7!  Ged says now he knows how Daisy feels when paddy head butts her off her feed – I am scrapping for the biggest bowl and the leftovers now!! Maybe Paddy is waiting for me so Macca the midwife can deliver us both!

As for me, the baby is Head Down, Bum Up and engaged.  So pre-flight checks have been completed and he is ready for orbit.  I am keeping my legs firmly crossed until the house is finished, baby’s room ready and linen cupboard cleaned out and rearranged . . . . !
Monday morning saw me consorting on the phone with a couple of animal healers/clarivoyants for an article I am writing for the ongoing series in ‘Australian Performance Horse’ magazine about Complementary therapies for horses.  Tinkerbell and Ged’s mare, Mythri, were the subjects, and Tinkerbell told us that she had chosen to come into this life to be one child’s pony, for life, and I was carrying that child and this was her destiny.  So basically she is responsible for getting us all from the UK to Oz and then from KV to here and fixing me up with Ged and getting me up the duff etc . . . we always thought she was a spoilt, manipulative little tyke but now we know for sure!  The animal communicator confirmed that Mischa had been bitten by a snake, had gone very quickly (10 minutes) and so now we know . . .
The weeds inspector came on Thursday and was, as always, very helpful.  He told me that the ‘Travelling Stock Route’  on Crown Land across the river from us (where we have our river crossing entrance and Flying Fox parking etc) is available for rent.  So for $75.00 a year we get an additional 100 acres or so!  Can’t pass that up, so we have written the relevant letter.  It just means that if it ever came up for sale, we would have first option on it, and while we have a lease it can never be sold to anyone else, and we get to do as we will with it.
On Friday I took my big belly into Port Macquarie and signed up a new client – a lovely couple who import Natural Paint from Germany and her other business is importing organic baby stuff so we know how I will be getting paid!!  I swore no new clients this year so I could concentrate on the wedding and the baby and have taken on two newies in the last two months – great timing!!  Well they say there’s no rest for the wicked . . . .
I have been sanding and Tung oiling the laundry floor and glossing the laundry skirting boards this weekend as my new office ‘niche’ is above the washing machine so I can keep in touch during my maternity leave without having to trek up to the office.  Am aiming on getting Ged into the office next week.  Scottie came and did two days – one finishing the shed and making it watertight (just in time for the first deluges in months) and helping Ged dismantle the shed on his old place.  So we are very close to being ready . . . just not quite yet, little baby!
But the dynamic, over-achieving, whirlwind you know and love has disappeared and I am slow, sluggish and needing frequent ‘nanny naps’ these days.  The focal point of my day has always been my run, recently walk and now it is my siesta . . . who is this person?
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