You are what you watch

Benjamin has now met both his Godfathers.  Scottie came for the day to tell us that sadly he has split up with his wife, Kylie so we offered solace one Saturday and hopefully cheered him up a little bit but we are very sad for him – poor love.  At least with our rapid fire meeting, engagement, marriage and baby we give him hope that he can still have all that – there’s no limit to age, speed of meet, greet and marry etc.  After all, it’s only a year ago that we announced our engagement and look at us now – a family!

Steve and Cherie and the boys came up for a weekend for Steve to meet his Godson and the boys to see their future playmate (hope they don’t corrupt him too much with their dirt bikes, sugary treats, DVD’s and gameboys etc!).  The men and boys all went down the river on a motley assortment of airbeds and boogie boards (we must get a boat) and came back somewhat blue (it’s a bit chilly still!) but had fun nonetheless.  And the boys were entranced by Little House on the Prairie – we are starting a cult following – compared to the blood and gore and spiderman type antics they are used to it was all very tame – no wonder we are such nice people having grown up on a diet of LHOTP and Lassie!!
We are having a very weird and wet spring – the skies are almost permanently grey and the garden and weeds are growing like crazy.  We have far too much feed and the horses are penned up on close to starvation rations.  The cows are as fat as fools and bellowing for the bull so luckily he broke in from the neighbouring property and had his wicked way with our girls so here’s hoping Daisy and Paddy are pregnant and we can expect some nice calves nine months hence.  I still have to arrange for Baby to go to the stallion – add it to my list . . .

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