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Both Ged and I have had an over-the-phone consultation with a ‘Medical Intuitive’ this week.  Long booked, and discovered as part of the series I wrote on Complementary therapies for Australian Performance Horse magazine.  Her name is Carmel Bell and she is one of the Scottish Sinclairs – for those of you who have read The Da Vinci Code, this means that she is from the direct line of Jesus and Mary Magdalene – what an amazing thing to grow up knowing that – she says with no hubris, just accepted genealogical fact.  As well as being able to accurately diagnose illness/imbalance etc, she can advise on correct supplementation and, most importantly, shares the Sinclair family’s ‘Metatronic Healing’ during the course of the call.  As a result, I am on kelp supplements, taking bicarb to increase my body’s absorption of water and imbibing colloidal magnesium which tastes absolutely VILE!  BUT I feel much calmer, less emotional, and feel that I can finally let go of the anger that has haunted my life for so long.  I feel more grounded and happy and at peace.  Quite a transformation!

Ged was very impressed with his session and I love how readily he embraces these female healers (his girlfriends, I call them!) and how easily he shares his thoughts, feelings and soul with them.  It is amazing to find a man who both feels and thinks so deeply, and can open his heart and mind to others.  So many men are so isolated in their hearts and minds and suffer physically as a result.  Ged loves his bowen treatments, acupuncture, osteopath, Macca etc., (as do I) and it is such a joy to be able to share these things with him and not be pooh poohed or laughed at.
And the fact that he does reiki is, as we antcipated, such a blessing with Benjamin.  We both Reiki him to sleep and he is a true ‘Reiki baby’ – happy, calm, peaceful, wise and quiet  . . .

When I first met Denis (Ged’s brother) he had new chooks and a rooster and the rooster was so proud and handsome that I praised him fulsomely.  Too enthusiastically as it turns out because he has made me a present of that self-same rooster and got himself another one.  And I clearly cannot say that I don’t want a rooster and never would again after my rooster experiences in Kangaroo Valley.  But here he is and the girls seem to love him and are venturing far afield under the protection of their new master.  I just wish he wasn’t so cocky and would stop crowing his new-found freedom to the world from 4.30 in the morning . . .

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