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I sent Ged off to the Doctor because I swear he is as deaf as the proverbial post.  Although he claims that I only ever say anything to him when I am in the other room, facing away from him, with either the hairdryer on, or the bath running, or the generator in the background etc . . . (you get the picture).  Ged went in with Benjamin and I think the three of them had a primitive male bonding session and Ged came out with tall tales of how clean his ears are and how the doctor said that the male cannot hear the higher pitch of the female voice (particularly if it has been exposed to heavy equipment during its working lifetime) . . . yeah, yeah, blah, blah, blah . . . . (which is exactly what he says it sounds like!)  One of my clients (a joiner) was telling me that he doesn’t listen to his wife (much!) and so she suddenly spins on him and says ‘repeat back to me what I have just said!’ Good thinking!

The Doctor signed our Conscientious Objection form for immunisation which has to be submitted to the Government (Big Brother really IS watching you!) and he wasn’t worried.  He said that the only thing that he thinks Benjamin will really need, living on the farm, is Tetanus, and we agree.  Weird how when I was young Mothers tried to get us all to catch mumps, measles, chicken pox etc by taking us to hastily convened virus parties and now we are so scared of these standard illnesses of childhood.  I would far rather Ben developed his immune system with regular exposure to the realities of life and an optimum diet, rather than untried, unproven chemical soups (I went to school with a Thalidomide baby and I never, ever forget how little pharmacuetical companies know, and more importantly, how little they care).
Actually, I have just read another Macca lent book ‘Superimmunity for Kids’ by Dr Leo Galland.  Quite, quite brilliant about optimum nutrition for kids in their various stages of growth and what supplements they need both as a matter of course, and in the differing demands of their journey to adulthood.  It was reassuring to note that he feels, as I do, that sugar is the greatest enemy of health and the delicate balance of all the organs and lymph, endocrine, digestive, immune systems working in harmony.
And Benjamin has chosen his first toy – meet Giraffey!  Denis chose and bought him for Benjamin and all of a sudden Benjamin has grabbed him and latched on!  As well as being short haired for sucking on, Giraffey has a rattling tummy so he is all singing all dancing for the boy!  Just when you get used to the status quo, everything changes . . . .

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