A Name for the Baby

Happy Christmas!

We successfully had our little angel named on the 20th December, here, where he was conceived and born, on the farm.
We managed to gather all his godparents together in the one place at the same time (no mean feat!) and gave him a name and a sense of place with our hopes, wishes and dreams for him.
Joan (who conducted the wedding ceremony) officiated even though her husband has just had a massive heart attack, and we were able to send her away with some flower remedies for them both which she says has made a huge difference.
It was a lovely ceremony and then we had neighbours and friends dropping in all day for our pre-Christmas party which was nice.  I had just had a hair cut and thought I looked funky in the mirror with a bit of gel and the old stand up ‘do’.  No, I looked ridiculous. . . . oh well, I have learned that I am no longer young and funky just fat and frumpy – damn!
We had a lovely quiet Christmas with just the three of us and a whole day spent opening presents from Benjamin’s fan club which extends far and wide.  On Boxing Day we had the outlaws which was predictably dire although it made Ged happy to make peace with his father and to have them see the farm, the house and Benjamin.  But unfortunately they don’t see a lovely house and home and a happy son and gorgeous grandchild, they see me torturing Ged and making his life miserable or something – who knows – they are not from the same planet as us!!
And they aren’t really interested in Benjamin (presumably because I am his Mother and his name is not McCarthy) . . . it is only Denis who adores him.  Which is truly bizarre because we have people stopping us on the street and wherever we go commenting on how gorgeous he is.  Luckily he is so much loved by all his Godparents, English Grandparents, parents and family and friends that he will not miss them!

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