Stop Thief!

Stop thief!

Someone has been stealing our eggs.  First we thought our ladies had just stopped laying or at least slowed down (maybe that randy rooster was exhausting them?), but then Ged caught the culprit in the act.  A great big goanna . . . I guess we have to learn to share, after all, he was probably here first . . .
We went down to Myall Lakes for the day to see Steve, Cherie and the extended family on their annual holiday there.  They go for a week every January.  So we packed up Ben with buggy, bouncer, nappies, change of clothes and the kitchen sink (that child needs more paraphernalia than 3 Para on the move!), picked up Scottie on the way and headed down the highway.  It was a gorgeous day (always a worry with Benjamin outside – hunting down patches of shade) and it was good to see everyone.  We left a sleeping Ben under Cherie’s care and went out on the speed boat.  I went waterskiing for the first time since I was 18 and David Scott gave me one try only to get up in a cold Bosham channel.  This was a lot warmer, but I wasn’t getting up til Cherie paddled out and gave me some succinct instruction which I followed to the letter and was up 4th go.  Had a good ski and Ged did some wakeboarding so it was a lovely day away from the farm and we came home tanned and happy and resolved that we must get away from the farm for at least a day, preferably a weekend at least every six weeks.  Too much work and no play not only makes us very dull, but leads to discontent and a regular day or more doing things together refreshes body, mind and soul.
After all, we have a lifetime to finish the farm and so little time to enjoy each other and Ben’s fleeting childhood . . .

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