Diamonds for Valentine’s Day

Home again, home again, jiggety jig!

I had a meeting with CRT in Sydney at 11am on Monday so we set off early, with a quick detour to Flat Rock to show Ged another Kangaroo Valley sacred site.
Then the long road home.  Ben slept all the way from KV to the big smoke and then refused to close his eyes thereafter.  We got home to find the remaining ducklings long gone and we are convinced it was the goanna so he will have to go.  He has obviously decided we are a major food source and is patrolling, earmarking his next feed, it’s too dangerous to have him doing this – they not only have incedibly long sharp claws, a whiplash of a tail, but they are venomous as well as being carrion eaters so we will have to relocate him (as soon as we can catch him – no easy task!)
We are very sad – they were so delightful.
Colin the plumber came on Tuesday and Thursday to put up the guttering and hook up the rainwater tank we have installed behind the bathroom, at the back of the house.  Oh bliss, oh joy, we now have beautiful rainwater pumped through a carbon filter to a separate tap at the kitchen sink – delicious!  His wife has set up a new shop in Port Macquarie and wants marketing advice and assistance so I met her on Friday when we went into town – what a lovely lady and looks far too young to have almost grown up kids!  Her shop is delight – antiques and vintage wares.  She used to be an interior designner so it is all very beautiful – should be interesting!
Mavia came from up the road on Tuesday for four hours to see how she and Benjamin got on with the potential for a regular gig so I can get some work done.  He was very happy with her and vice versa so it looks like she will do two days a week to give me some solid thinking space (especially since I seem to be adding to my client roster!)
We have returned the baby carry cot for the car and Benjamin has graduated into a proper seat which makes him much happier – he can see us, we can see him, he can see out and more room for kicking!
On saturday when I was waking up Ged slipped my long-awaited eternity ring on my finger so my long ago designed trilogy of rings is complete –  12 pink diamonds and platinum (engagement), 15 white diamonds in white gold (wedding) and now 12 champagne diamonds in platinum (for Benjamin) – it looks great and I am very happy.  A lovely Valentine’s Day surprise – roses too – so I must be doing something right!  We are not far off our anniversary and while the year has flown by it seems that we have been together forever – best of friends, journeying through life together, experiencing and enjoying parenthood and getting to know our little boy.  Marrying him was the best thing I have ever done and I am so much happier, steadier, stabler and content with him as the foundation stone for my world.
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