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When I was Homeless

The hideous Australian Government of the day is withdrawing funding from essential services for the poor and homeless and making sure that the rich and corporate monoliths enjoy reduced tax and offshore advantages.  Well, you would, wouldn’t you? There are …
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A very Lucky Day for the Love Family

On Wednesdays Benno goes to swimming lessons and we go to town for the weekly shop – animal feed, essentials and fruit for the 3 foot fruit bat! Normally we are running late, but last week we were even early, …
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Arthur, King of Avalon

Well that Mad Cow FINALLY had her baby!  Her udders were so swollen she could barely walk so Ged had a big chat to her when he fed her on Saturday night and said ‘that’s enough, Paddy, you’ve got to …
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Wheels, Wine and a Ring

Thanks for all your worried emails re my wobbly wheels!  It turned out that the bone-rattling rides over the roads around here have been loosening the nuts on my bolts and THAT’S why the wheel fell off!  Actually, on consecutive runs over …
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