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Goodbye to the Grippers!

Ged had his big annual solar conference on Friday in Sydney so on Thursday we cleaned his car (inside and out!) and packed up half the house (that child!) and then drove down to Sydney, arriving in Terrey Hills at …
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And unto us a son is born

‘And unto us a son is born.  Unto us a child is given’ I can’t claim an immaculate conception – we all know I’m no virgin!  But the whole process has been pretty miraculous.  And after a week of waiting, …
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Missing Mischa

We are very sad here at Avalon today. We have been away.  We left on Thursday just after lunch having filled up all Mischa’s bowls with mountains of her favourite dried food and left a light on for the stay-at-home …
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Cleaning up the Bachelor Pad

The deluge has continued and so there is nothing to report. Ged says ‘didn’t you do anything silly last week at all?’ Not that I can remember . . . . We have had good soaking rain, and so all …
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The ‘C’ word . . . Commitment!

I have had lots of queries from you all about Ged so I suppose I’d better come clean.  He’s 38, 5’10, blue eyes and a reasonable head of hair except the Prince Charles bald spot at the back (but he …
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Dressed to impress

Well, even the best laid plans . . . I don’t know quite what happened with Ged’s week off. I know one day I spent being Trinny and Tranny in Port Macquarie, upgrading and updating his wardrobe (which has improved …
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