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Platypus Tales

When I was at school in the UK we learned about the Australian platypus. I thought it was big, like a beaver. It was mythical – like a pterodactyl or unicorn. Most people will never see one in their lifetimes …
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Close Encounter of the Platypus kind!

I had an eyeball to eyeball encounter with a platypus last night – went down to the river on my run on the other side to look at the receding flood waters and the new waterfall gushing into the river, …
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Modern Miracles and Moving Office

We have witnessed, and are in the middle of a miracle! The nice man from Timbertown Computers came on Wednesday and installed Satellite Broadband, so via the miracle of modern technology I can now talk to you from home.  No …
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White Ant invasion

We have been scrubbing the Comboyne office (and there are those of you who know how much it needed it!!)  We have given away the fridge, toaster and microwave and packed up all the paraphernalia belonging to Ged’s brother and …
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Gripper visit

My friends are here! Of course, it rained and rained prior to the visitation, so to add to the excitement of the Gripper visitation, they had to leave the car and trailer across the river and wind kids, adults, and …
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Slow progress and paint stripping

On New Year’s Day we left Phee with the hungover hosts and went shopping for something for Ged and his best man, Steve, to wear on the big day.  Success!  As usual, I had a vision in mind, and we …
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