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A Cleansing Fire

Pyromaniac that I am, I love the burning off season. Lines of fire, snaking across country and into the bush, lighting up the late winter nights with their warming glow. I love to light them, putting a lit match to …
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Two Dead Lambs

We have been waiting and waiting and waiting for our big ewe to birth. ¬†Checking her udder every day and saying ‘surely it can’t be much longer’. ¬†Every day as Boo and I drive past I have said ‘What is …
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The Rich Tapestry of Rural Life

I have had this horrible cold which seems to be doing the rounds. I put mine down to the draughty floor and those freezing days and nights and the lack of insulation in the roof, rather than catching it, but …
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Angle Creek and Cupboard Space

George had always told me that where I could see the vertical rock overhang in the middle of the property that there was a beautiful oasis with wild orchids and I had put it on my ‘to be discovered one …
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